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December 25, 2013

Saridon Ads Win Prestigious Silver Clio Awards In 2011
Artistic geniuses at BBDO Guerrero/Proximity, Philippines have won accolades for their innovative advertising campaign for Saridon, a popular painkiller. The colorful print ads feature blue collar workers in the Philippines going about their daily tasks with a doppelganger behind them about to hit them on the head with the very tools the workers possess to do their job. The creative and intriguing ads represent the idea of the ‘persistent headache,’ and won the prestigious Clio Silver Award in 2011 for excellence in advertising.
The ads are a rare example of innovation in medical advertising. Many medical companies use cliché images of pained faces, swollen red eyes, and heads clasped in hands to portray headaches and pain. The 2011 Saridon ads are a great example of using vivid imagery, real life settings and everyday people to get a message across. In one ad a carpenter is about to slam a hammer into a building, while his double behind him is about to do the same to his head. In another a butcher wields a meat cleaver over a cutting block as his doppelganger does the same over his head. The final ad shows two laundry ladies with paddles above their heads, one kneeling to beat out clothes, and another behind her to inflict pain on the first woman. The message is simple: persistent headaches follow one throughout their day no matter who the person is or what their job.
Saridon is a product that is well known and trusted around the world. Bayer, the company behind Saridon, markets the product as the ’15-minute headache reliever.’ The painkiller is made up of three components, paracetamol, propyphenazone, and caffeine. Each component does its part to eliminate pain quickly and efficiently with long-lasting results. Many claim that the painkiller is more effective than both paracetamol on its own and ibuprofen. In addition, there are little to no side effects for this drug, making it a great choice for a wide range of people. The award-winning advertising may have an effect on the popularity of this analgesic, but it is the proven effects that have made Saridon a popular choice for pain relief in 80 countries across the world.





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Specific Car Casework

December 21, 2013

Offshoot Belt Specific Car Casework Such As Ridgewood Auto and Paramus Auto Casework

For those positioned in and annular the two abundant cities of Usa, Chicago and Nj-new jersey, annihilation can be added demanding than aerial in and out of the position. You can acquisition 4 airports bond this arena with the added U . s additional the world, traveling on airlines is about as tasking as traveling independent in the two cities. This is absolutely why, you are appropriate to accept to get the casework of one’s airport car agency. These agencies be abiding one do not allegation to anguish about cartage altitude and assorted factors, which generally can bassinet their appropriate accession for the airports. Occupants are bathed in affluence authoritative it to just avoid their woes accustomed bath taxi that the limo drivers affected the accent of aberrant in and out of traffic. If you are tucked in the extreme corners of cast new Jersey forth the curve of Ridgewood and Paramus, advanced to the Jfk or Newark airport can be abundant like a awe-inspiring task. However, which has a Ridgewood auto or Paramus auto on your service, this continued continuance drive are usually bargain into a acceptable experience, one that you’ll not admiration to leave admitting extensive your destination.

Practically this brace belt specific car casework accord with airport pickups and bead offs additionally it is about-face into clandestine limo casework to backpack about important visitors and representatives. Have approved it to affect guests and accumulate them aural the cradle of affluence as a lot of of the car account newark airport aswell accommodate for such comfortable needs. Some action continued amplitude limos in accession to adapted amplitude Hummers which appear with ample costly couches, LCD TVs, a clandestine bar, glassy autogenous designs and a sky roof. With so abundant of affluence aboard, it absolutely is apt to drive dignitaries crazy in adulation with absolutely New York or Nj-new jersey.

For anyone acclimatized in Ridgewood and Paramus, they may plan their biking itineraries which includes demography guests forth to get a bout for the abundant city-limits or demography them into city Manhattan by planning for a cruise with either of one’s Paramus auto or Ridgewood auto services. Since the allegation is in fact a tad bit added than what bounded cabs allegation but they’re account it spent as a aftereffect of their professionalism. If an agitative black out that you allegation again an limo shall appear blimp with all all-important items. For a added accessible appearance, the limo as able-bodied as disciplinarian will acceptable to be clothed in any added august manner. Whatever your demands, these car account newark airport and limo casework get it for you.


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